*Puka [Proto Polynesian]


Griselinia littoralis, "Broadleaf" (Griseliniaceae)


Alternative names for the kāpuka are māihiihi, pāpāuma, paraparauma, and tapatapauma.

From PROTO EASTERN OCEANIC *buka, "Large littoral trees, including Pisonia species (Nyctagynaceae), and Gyrocarpus americanus (Hernandiaceae) ",
through PROTO CENTRAL PACIFIC *buka, As for Proto Eastern Oceanic, but expanded to include Hernandia nymphaefolia (Hernandiacae),
to PROTO POLYNESIAN *Puka Pisonia grandis, "Chinese Lantern Tree " (Nyctagynaceae), and other large littoral trees (generic name) + derivational prefix kā-.

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Tongan: Puko (Pisonia grandis, Nyctagynaceae and Hernandia nymphaefolia, "Lantern tree", Hernandiaceae).
Niuean: Puka tea (Pisonia grandis, Nyctagynaceae).
Samoan: Pu'a (Hernandia nymphaefolia, "Chinese lantern tree", Hernandiaceae; Pu'a vai, Pisonia grandis, Nyctagynaceae).
Tikopia: Puka (Hernandia nymphaefolia, "Lantern tree", Hernandiaceae).
Marquesan: Puka (Hernandia nukuhivensis, Hernandiaceae).
Tahitian: Puka (Passiflora foetida "love-in-a-mist", Passifloraceae).
Tuamotuan: Puka, Pukatea (Pisonia grandis, Nyctagynaceae).
Rarotongan: Puka (Hernandia nymphaefolia "Chinese lantern tree ", Hernandiaceae; Pisonia grandis [a.k.a. Puka tea ], Nyctagynaceae).

The fruit of the kāpuka is known as huariki.
Puka (Meryta sinclairii, Araliaceae, Griselinia lucida, Griseliniaceae, and several other trees);
Pukapuka (Reduplicated form of Puka): Brachyglottis repanda "Rangiora", Asteraceae.
Pukatea (Puka + tea "white" Species name, "Common name", Familyaceae) [also cognates in Marquesan, Niuean, Rarotongan and Tuamotuan];
Akapuka (Aka "vine" + Puka) Griselinia lucida, "Puka, akapuka", Griseliniaceae.

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This tree has a number of local names, māihiihi, pāpāuma, paraparauma, and tapatapauma, in addition to this inherited one. Despite its Latin specific name, and the association of "puka" as a name for littoral trees, the kāpuka is found in a wide variety of habitats; in wet ecosystems it may perch on other trees and send its roots down into the damp soil below. {More later.}

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