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[Below] "The Power of One". Carefully using traditional "kaingin" techniques, Nena cleared a path to the riverside through the gorse and brambles that we thought would be impossible without calling in a contractor! (March 2005)



Arohaina mai!

[This page, along with most of the others in the new format, was prepared towards the end of 2010, at a time when we were very optimistic about finding a way to ensure that Te Māra Reo would have a sustainable future. Many things have happened since to bring that into question, and as these pages are being revised in August 2013 the future of the physical garden is becoming increasingly uncertain. The website will, Deo volente, continue to be maintained and developed, but whether the garden will continue in its present location, be re-established somewhere else, or exist only in cyberspace, is at present an open question. Hence caveats inserted into some of the paragraphs below; other paragraphs in the original page have been deleted pending a decision on the future of the property.]

Aroha is a wonderful word, covering love, pity, affection and approval! Te Māra Reo is definitely a labour of love, and if you also feel warmly towards this venture, we'd love to have your help!

Some ways you could help
Koha ~ Donations
"Friends of Te Māra Reo"

Ētahi Momo Āwhina - Some Ways You Could Help Us.

[Please see the note above. If you could help in any of these ways, please email us at temaarareo at gmail.com, and we will let you know whether we are able to accept such assistance at the moment.]

One way of helping would be to give a cash donation -- there's something about that further down this page -- but there are other kinds of assistance which would also be greatly appreciated.

For example, recipes that include the fruit, leaves, flowers or stems of New Zealand native plants, especially those with names brought here from Polynesia, would be much appreciated. We will include these in the pages for the plants concerned (you will already find a suggestion for cooking an extraordinarily delicious chicken in the page for miro).

Your comments would also be most welcome, including suggestions for improvements and correction of errors on the web pages. Constructive criticism is much more valuable than unmerited plaudits! (Merited plaudits, however, are always appreciated.)

We would also appreciate ideas about raising funds and information about possible sources of financial support.

Our e-mail address is temaarareo {at} gmail.com. We do not have a Facebook page yet, but watch this space!

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Koha - Donations

Based on our actual expenditure between 2007 and 2010 on expenses directly associated with Te Māra Reo, such as mowing, removing weeds, fencing, and removing problem trees, we estimated that if we had an income of about $25,000 a year (while still donating our own labour) we would at least break even, and probably have a little extra to help with the web site, research expenses and the routine things like rates, water and telephones. A slightly higher income would allow us to contemplate some capital expenditure.

By mid-2010 it became clear that we could no longer maintain the language garden adequately from our own personal resources. We had not been able to employ any assistants since early that year, but we continued to purchase plants, using the special funds we set aside for that purpose.

So cash donations and grants would have been very much appreciated. We did get a few small contributions, but nothing substantial, and the obstacles to developing the place to a standard where it could become a visitor attraction, coupled with the high cost of maintaining the property has made our long-term future here problematic. For this reason we are not seeking donations towards expenses relating to the garden itself at present. However, contributions towards the cost of maintaining and developing the web site would be welcome.

We were planning to set up a proper Trust for "Friends of Te Māra Reo" to administer donations, and enter into a formal undertaking that the properly assessed value of any trees, equipment or other improvements purchased from these funds would be donated to an appropriate organisation or interest group in the event that the family decided to sell the property. We will probably go ahead with this anyway, even if the main object of the Trust were to support the digital "garden", with the possibility left open for supporting the physical garden if circumstances change and this becomes a realistic long-term objective. As of August 2013, however, the latter seems an unlikely prospect.

If and when the Friends Trust has been registered, we will open a PayPal account, just in case someone might like to make a donation via credit card. Cheques can be sent at any time by mail, but until we are able to assure you that your contribution can be applied to expenses relating to the garden, and invite you to visit us so that you can see this for yourself, please send money only if you want to contribute to the funding of the web site. If you wish to write to us, this is the address:

"Te Māra Reo",
c/o Benton Family Trust,
PO Box 33, Ngaruawahia, Waikato 3742,
Aotearoa/New Zealand"

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"Friends of Te Māra Reo

Anyone who uses the web site or otherwise has an interest in the garden and what we are trying to do is welcome to join our group of friends -- we will add your email address to our mailing list, and let you know whenever our "News" page is updated, when new pages are added to the site, or there are other developments or information we'd like to let our friends know about. Our "friends" mailing list is not used for any other purpose and is not available to third parties so you don't need to worry about security!

If you would like to be registered as a friend, just email us at temaarareo {at} gmail.com.

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