*Puka tea [Proto Polynesian]
PROTO POLYNESIAN *pukatea, (Puka tea -- "White Puka") Pisonia grandis (Nyctagynaceae)

From PROTO REMOTE OCEANIC *buka, "Large littoral trees, including Pisonia species (Nyctagynaceae), and Gyrocarpus americanus (Hernandiaceae) ",
through PROTO CENTRAL PACIFIC *buka, As for Proto Eastern Oceanic, but expanded to include Hernandia nymphaefolia (Hernandiacae).


PROTO CENTRAL PACIFIC *tea "white" = *Pukatea

Polynesian: *Puka tea
Niuean: Pukatea (Pisonia grandis, Nyctagynaceae)
Tahitian: Pu'atea (Pisonia grandis, P. brunoniana, Nyctagynaceae)
Tuamotuan: Pukatea (Pisonia grandis, Nyctagynaceae)
Manahiki-Rakahanga: Pukatea (Pisonia grandis, Nyctagynaceae)
Penrhyn: Puka tea (Pisonia grandis , Nyctagynaceae)
Hawaiian: Reflex (Pisonia grandis , Nyctagynaceae)
Tahitian: Reflex (Pisonia grandis , Nyctagynaceae)
Tuamotuan: Reflex (Pisonia grandis , Nyctagynaceae)
Pukapuka: Pukatea (Pisonia grandis, Nyctagynaceae)
Rarotongan: Pukatea (Pisonia grandis, Nyctagynaceae)
Maori: Pukatea (Laurelia novaezelandiae, "Pukatea", Atherospermataceae, and a number of other tree and shrub species)

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Reserved for a photograph -
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Proto-Polynesian: *Puka A general term (taxon) for large littoral trees, notably including Pisonia grandis (Nyctagynaceae), along with Hernandia nymphaefolia and Gyrocarpus americanus (Hernandiaceae).

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In most Polynesian languages which have used this descriptive name it is associated with a single species, Pisonia grandis, known as pu'a vai ("water pu'a") in Samoa, a dominant tree in littoral forests. Its primary namesake in Aotearoa is a similarly impressive buttressed tree growing also in association with water, although the name here has been shared with a disparate range of other trees and plants in a somewhat puzzling way. {More to come!}

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